Peripheral Exchange, LLC
Ergonomic Desktop Terminals - R08815, R08825, AG0640-20E. Ergonomic Desktop Monitors - E01910-20R, E01940-20E, E01942-20E.      Rack Mount Terminals - R08865, R08875, AG0640-20R. Rack Mount Monitors - E01910-20R, E01923-20R, E01940-20R, E01942-20R.      Console Mount Terminals - R08814, R08814-BAI, R08824. Console Mount Monitors -  E01940-20F, E01942-20F.      Industrial Terminals - B8001, E8001, F8001, R08810, R08820.
ISC / Intecolor / 8001 / 3800 /  8800 / ColorTrend / MegaTrend / Advanced Graphic Systems / Product Services

Contact Information

To contact us via the United States Postal Service (USPS), send correspondence to:


P.O. Box 2831

Cashiers, North Carolina 28717-2831





Feel free to send any technical information and product photographs via email along with attachments in PDF or JPG format. Please include the model number, serial number, and any identifying nomenclature. Usually, the serial number tag on the chassis as either a silver or white sticker will contain the needed information.